Administering health benefits correctly — and creating a high level of healthcare literacy — result in wins for everyone.

Healthcare Benefits Made Simple

Do you care about making sure your employees and members understand their health insurance coverage and health benefits? We can help.

  • Looking for a reliable way to get answers on healthcare when you need them?
  • Worry about staying up-to-date with healthcare law and guidance?
  • Struggling to effectively communicate healthcare benefits to your employees and members?

Healthcare Xponents will help you sort it all out.

Healthcare Xponents - Services


If you need help with administering healthcare benefits, our consults can help.

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We provide healthcare literacy training and answer all your questions.

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We introduce simplicity to complex healthcare topics for groups.

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We provide one-on-one coaching for your employees.

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We offer in-depth educational tutorials on healthcare topics.

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Why Healthcare Xponents

The tangled web of healthcare can be very confusing for more than 90% of healthcare consumers. The constantly changing legislative landscape makes navigating healthcare too much for anyone but an expert — the healthcare Xponents experts.

Struggling to understand health insurance and health benefits?

Partner with us as your healthcare interpreter and advocate.