Let's make healthcare simple for your employees and help you stay compliant.

Making sense of employee health insurance coverage options, healthcare benefits and ever-changing healthcare laws and guidance can be challenging — even for your Human Resources personnel. Yet your employees and their families depend on your HR personnel to unravel all of these complexities.

Corporations and Small Businesses

Our Services

At Healthcare Xponents, we offer insightful training and consulting to corporations and small businesses, with the goal of increasing efficiencies in healthcare expenditures, improving healthcare literacy for you and your employees, and helping employees secure the healthcare benefits they need most for themselves and their family members.


We help your employees (and their family members) collectively or individually improve how they evaluate their health insurance options, select the best coverage, and effectively use the applicable delivery structure.

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We provide healthcare literacy training where employees gain a thorough understanding of terminology, learn how it applies for different coverage options and master their healthcare benefits.

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We bring simplicity to complex topics and provide a comfortable environment for your employees where they can have all their questions answered and gather effective healthcare skills.

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We provide one-on-one coaching to help your employees and their family members navigate Open Enrollment or any of the life-changing events with confidence.

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We offer in-depth educational tutorials on healthcare topics selected by, and specifically applicable to, you and your employees including topics such as preparing for retirement, i.e., "Understanding Medicare and Medicare Advantage coverage"

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Are Your Employees Making Healthcare Decisions With Confidence?

We can be your team to demystify the process of selecting the best healthcare coverage and create the most effective use of your healthcare benefits. Empower you and your employees through increased healthcare literacy.