Our Healthcare System Could Try the Patience of a Saint

Confusion over our healthcare system is systemic. Too many of your members struggle to understand the health insurance coverage options made available to them and how these benefits really work.

Faith-Based Organizations

Our Services

At Healthcare Xponents, we offer insightful training and consulting to the members of your faith-based organization, with the goal of creating healthcare understanding for everyone and delivering skills to make this process less intimidating.


We provide healthcare literacy training covering the many forms and structure of health insurance coverage, as well as the delivery of healthcare benefits. Teach skills on how to successfully evaluate and select the most appropriate healthcare coverage, including Medicare and Medicare Advantage.

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We provide in-depth educational sessions on healthcare topics targeted to meet the needs of your members. For example, "which plan option is best for me and my family?" "What do I need to know as I plan my retirement?"

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We provide one-on-one coaching to help prepare individuals as they participate in their employer-sponsored Open Enrollment, or as they handle the birth of a child, marriage, divorce, death of a spouse, or any other life-changing event.

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Are Your Members Struggling To Make Sense of Their Healthcare Coverage?

We can be your trusted partners to keep your members and their family members happy and protected.