Let's simplify healthcare for your members and their families.

Unions have been the backbone of America's working class, proud to take care of their members and their families. Partner with us as we work with your members to ensure they have the highest level of healthcare literacy and the skills to fully optimize the benefits they earn through their membership.

We can help you ensure your members understand the benefits they're getting, help them know when to come to you, when to go to the employer, and the questions they should ask as they navigate selecting the best coverage during their Open Enrolment season and handling specific life-changing events.


Our Services

At Healthcare Xponents, we offer insightful training and consulting to unions and their members, with the goal of raising their level of healthcare literacy and empowering them to make the best healthcare decisions for themselves and their family members.


We ensure that your members truly understand healthcare benefits and make the optimal use of the benefits provided to them and their families.

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We provide healthcare training to improve literacy and optimize healthcare coverage selection, including Medicare and Medicare Advantage as members prepare for retirement.

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We bring simplicity to complex healthcare topics in a comfortable environment where your members will develop effective healthcare skills to help them become impactful with their healthcare choices and decisions.

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We provide one-on-one coaching for members to ensure their preparation for navigating Open Enrollment and special life-changing events.

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We offer in-depth educational tutorials on healthcare topics for you and your members.

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Do You Offer Healthcare Benefits to Your Members? Let’s Help Your Members Make Better Healthcare Choices and Decisions.

We can work with your members and provide them with the knowledge and tools they will need to make optimal healthcare choices, selecting the best coverage option and understanding the product they're signing up for.